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February 19, 2018

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Measuring ROI in Learning and Performance Improvement

This 2-day workshop emphasizes the ROI Methodology developed by industry leaders Jack Phillips and Patti Phillips. Participants experience application of the ROI Process model. This includes developing application and impact objectives, collecting various types of hard and soft data, isolating the effects of the program, converting data to monetary values, tabulating appropriate program costs, and calculating the ROI. Participants quickly see the advantage of the process as six types of data are collected and analyzed. These data represents qualitative, quantitative, financial, and non-financial data developed from a variety of sources.


Who Should Attend

This workshop is for anyone in an organization who is responsible for measuring the impact of learning and performance improvement. The workshop focuses on the measurement and evaluation skills necessary to conduct ROI studies. Practitioners who are interested in increasing the possibility of achieving an ROI with their programs will also benefit. Title of participants who have attended this workshop in the past include:

  • Training Directors
  • Management development specialists
  • Evaluation managers and specialists
  • Quality specialists
  • Performance consultants
  • HRD managers
  • Performance measurement specialists
  • Organizational development specialists
  • Performance improvement specialists, course designers, and facilitators

Learning Objectives

After completing this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Identify the drivers for ROI accountability
  • Link program objectives to business results
  • Identify at least three (3) ways to collect data
  • Describe at least three (3) ways to isolate the effects of a program
  • Describe at least three (3) ways to convert data to monetary values
  • Identify all costs of a program
  • Calculate ROI, given benefits and costs
  • Identify intangible measures
  • Plan a follow up evaluation for one of your programs
  • Describe the ten steps in the ROI Methodology™

Materials You Will Receive

As a participant of this workshop you will receive a complimentary copy of Real World Training Evaluation: Navigating Common Constraints for Exceptional Results (ATD, 2015), a detailed workbook, job aid, and other resources.


Jack Phillips

Jack Phillips, PhD

Chairman ROI Institute
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Patti Phillips

Patti Phillips, PhD

President & CEO ROI Institute, Inc.
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