The Greatest Opportunities for Us Now

General Session

The Greatest Opportunities for Us Now

“Talent. It’s the top priority for many organizations around the world today. Analysts agree: in order to gain competitive advantage L&D professionals must unlock the full potential of talent to drive business outcomes. For an L&D professional, employee engagement is a challenge they happily rise to the occasion to solve. But the L&D industry is complicated, with varying structures, shifting priorities, disruptive technologies and multiple audiences to appease. It’s a lot to keep tabs on, and it’s becoming increasingly more complex as new skills and new ways of learning emerge.”

This quote from the 2017 Workplace Learning Report from LinkedIn Learning Solutions characterizes both the opportunities and challenges facing L&D in 2018.

Join Peggy and the panel of industry leaders to hear their perspective on the opportunities that present themselves to the L&D profession in a world that is complex, demanding and continually changing.

In this session you will learn:

  • How L&D is adapting to the shifting world of work
  • Innovative solutions L&D is implementing to address the needs of the digital learner
  • Approaches by L&D organizations to deliver more value to the organization and demonstrate that value to the C-Suite