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The Center for Talent Reporting (CTR) is excited to host its 5th annual CTR Week and Conference in Dallas, TX, February 19-23, 2018. If your interest is measurement, reporting or management of L&D or HR, this is the conference for you!

We distinguish ourselves by bringing you industry thought leaders in an intimate setting where you have the opportunity and time to interact with them. Past participants have raved about our conference saying that it is the best event they have ever attended—and if they could only attend one conference, this would be it!

The centerpiece of CTR Week is the CTR Conference, February 21-22. CTR Week starts with two workshops, February 19-20: TDRp Basics Workshop and ROI Workshop. After the conference, February 22-23, we have four more workshops that center around measurement: Escape the Reporting Black Hole, Ensuring Results (Making Sure there are Results Worth Measuring), Measurement Strategy Workshop and Measuring Informal Learning.

CTR Conference

February 21-22, 2018

The Future of Measurement, Reporting and Management for L&D

Conference Goals

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the measurement, reporting, and management of human capital with a focus on learning and development. This conference will ensure you are up to speed on the latest trends in the field as well as future directions. And, we’ll make sure you can answer the key questions facing our profession. You’ll be connected with thought leaders and leading practitioners and experience rich networking.

Learning Objectives

  1. Increase your knowledge of measurement and reporting
  2. Improve your ability to manage human capital
  3. Increase your knowledge of TDRp
  4. Increase your business and financial acumen
  5. Learn what CEOs and senior leaders are really looking for
  6. Learn how others have successfully implemented their measurement and reporting strategies


Target Audience

You should attend this conference if you are a leader, manager, or individual contributor in learning or any HR function and you want to improve your organization’s measurement, reporting, and management of human capital. No previous TDRp knowledge or experience is required. There will be sessions for those new to TDRp.


CTR Conference Agenda

February 21-22, 2018
Day 1
20 Feb 2018
Day 2
21 Feb 2018
Day 3
22 Feb 2018

Evening Reception

Dave Vance
David Vance


Roy Pollock
Roy V.H. Pollock, DVM, PhD
9:15 am - 9:30 am

Travel To Building E

Peggy Parskey
Peggy Parskey

Introduction to TDRp

10:30 am - 11:00 am

Networking Break

Adri Morales
Adrienna Maisonet Morales, MSOP, PMP
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm


Peggy Parskey
Peggy Parskey
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Networking Break

3:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Travel Time To Auditorium

Cushing Anderson
Cushing Anderson

Discussion with Speakers and Sponsors

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Evening Reception

CTR Week & Conference Location

Thryv Hotel & Conference Center
2200 West Airfield Drive, Dallas, TX 75261


conference image

TDRp Basics Workshop

February 19, 2018
This workshop covers all elements of Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) including assumptions, principles, types and definitions of measures, and the creation and use of reports. You will also learn how to manage human capital like a business, implement TDRp in your organization, manage the required change.

ROI Workshop

February 19, 2018
Learn a credible approach to measuring the ROI of your learning and performance improvement programs including developing application and impact objectives, collecting various types of hard and soft data, isolating the effects of the program and more.

Post-Conference Workshops

Escape the Reporting Black Hole

Escape the Reporting Black Hole

February 22, 2018

As L&D leaders and practitioners, most of us are fortunate to have a vast amount of data at our fingertips. But for all the promises of big data, most of us are drowning in stats with limited time to consume—let alone act on all of this information. This workshop provides insights into reducing waste and enabling you to focus on your reporting to provide stakeholders with what they need in order to advance strategy.

Ensuring Results

Making Sure There are Results Worth Measuring

February 22, 2018

To be credible and earn a seat at the management table, you need to have a robust and meaningful strategy for measuring talent development initiatives. But measurement itself does not guarantee success. In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to the Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning—a process approach to training and development that has helped companies around the world increase the return on their investments in learning.

conference image

Measurement Strategy

February 23, 2018
Join Dave Vance for the Measurement Strategy Workshop, where you'll explore the elements of a best-in-class measurement strategy and define what it should include.
Informal Learning: How to Measure a Moving Target

Informal Learning: How to Measure a Moving Target

February 23, 2018

At this workshop you’ll understand how informal learning is growing and gain the tools you need to manage it. Come to this event with your needs, challenges and insights as we examine research about the new informal learning ecosystem and how you can apply a simple frame to measure it.

CTR Week Event Packages

Early Bird Pricing until December 31, 2017

CTR Conference: Early Bird

Member: $799
Non-Member: $999


All CTR Week Events: Early Bird

Members: $2,196
Non-Members: $2,796


CTR Conference + 1 Pre-Event: Early Bird

Members: $1,798
Non-Members: $2,198


CTR Conference + 1 Post-Event: Early Bird

Members: $998
Non-Members: $1,298


CTR Conference + 2 Post-Events: Early Bird

Members: $1,197
Non-Members: $1,597


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