Making Sure There are Results Worth Measuring

February 22, 2018 | 1:00-5:00 pm

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Making Sure There are Results Worth Measuring

To be credible and earn a seat at the management table, you need to have a robust and meaningful strategy for measuring talent development initiatives. But measurement itself does not guarantee success. What if the results aren’t sufficient to justify the time and expense of the initiative? how do you ensure that training and development create value?

One thing is clear: Hope is not a strategy. Neither is relying on conducting a great learning event. Talent development initiatives need to be conceived, planned, and managed as a process to ensure that when it comes time to measure the results, there are results worth measuring.

In this interactive session, we’ll introduce you to the Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning—a process approach to training and development that has helped companies, from around the world, increase the return on their investments in learning:

  • D1: Define the business outcomes
  • D2: Design the complete experience
  • D3: Deliver for application
  • D4: Drive learning transfer
  • D5: Deploy performance support
  • D6: Document the results

We will focus especially on D4: Driving learning transfer, as that is the weakest link in most training programs.

Bring your questions, programs, and the issues you would like to discuss. Be prepared to have some common wisdom challenged and gain new insights into performance improvement.

This workshop is designed to make you a more valuable business partner by increasing the return on your talent development initiatives. You will learn how to:

  • Align programs and initiatives to organizational needs
  • Think outside the classroom or e-learning box
  • Facilitate the application of new knowledge and skills on the job
  • Engage line managers in the process

Special attention will be paid to the following issues:

  • Starting with an end in mind
  • Why great learning is necessary but not sufficient
  • How line managers can make or break the success of any program
  • Mending training’s weakest link: learning transfer

The workshop will be interactive and application-focused with multiple examples and opportunities to apply the concepts to your own programs. A detailed workbook will be provided as well as post-workshop coaching by the instructor.


Roy Pollock

Dr. Roy Pollock

Chief Learning Officer and Founder The 6Ds Company
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