Informal Learning: How to Measure a Moving Target

February 23, 2018 | 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Learners are changing. They are demanding easier access, more information and better alignment of content to their jobs. Likewise technology is changing and new vendors are providing a wide array of products that promise faster and better learning. As a result, Learning & Development (L&D) teams are at a crossroads where they are being marginalized by the industry (e.g., 70:20:10) by learners who are seeking their own content resources and by the business units and IT groups that are funding new technology to support learners. By understanding how informal learning is growing organically and getting involved in managing it, L&D teams can maintain relevance within an organization’s development ecosystem. More importantly, if L&D teams can measure and monitor three aspects of informal learning (efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes), they can have a voice in managing it and help the organization reach business goals.

Come to this event with your needs, challenges and insights as we examine research about the new informal learning ecosystem and how you can apply a simple frame to measure it.

Who Should Attend

  • Learning leaders who want to understand more about how the digital learner and technology are changing the learning ecosystem
  • Learning leaders who want to take an active role in advising leaders about how informal learning can fill performance gaps faster (and possibly better) than formal learning
  • Learning leaders who want to know how to measure, monitor and manage informal learning processes to make the organization more effective
  • L&D managers and measurement specialists who need a framework for isolating informal learning events and a process for measuring and reporting the influence of those events

Topics Covered

  • Industry-leading research about digital learners and the changing learning ecosystem that will continue to marginalize formal learning
  • A process for limiting the universe of informal learning events to a manageable set of learning assets ready for evaluation
  • A framework for measuring informal learning that focuses on content, tools and timing
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with other participants to solve measurement problems related to informal learning


John Mattox

John Mattox, II, PhD

Managing Partner, CEB (now Gartner)

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